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Default RE: H9 P-51 Electrification

Holy Inverted Flight Batman, this thing screams!!!!!!![sm=spinnyeyes.gif]

I maidened the H-9 P-51 with the AXI 4130/16, 24 3300 Nimh cells, using the 14/10 APC-E prop. I have a big runway to use, but I had a crosswind to contend with. The windsock was telling me a constant 10mph wind with short gusts close to 15 mph. I decided to go for it a a diagonal track, as close to into the wind as I could get.

Take off was to say the least, scary as @%^$. I had the elevator level with the horizontal stab, but when it got up to speed, it went up with no elevator. (So I guess it needs some downthrust to correct that) Anyway, when it became airborn, it didn't have enough speed to stay level. tip stall, correct, tip stall, correct, tip stall and turn from wind, correct and it is now going straight to our vehicles [sm=drowning.gif]. I got a little speed going now, got some climb and flew straight over our vehicles at around 15 to 18 feet. The air speed increased and that joker began to climb at an aggressive angle, with no elevator.

I kicked up the retracts and trimmed her as best I could. It was hard to trim her out with my fingers shaking uncontrollably [sm=spinnyeyes.gif]. I flew for around a 5 minute maiden flight, did some rolls, loops and some inverted flight. Had a couple of jet guys watching and they were thoroughly impressed.

I brought her hot and did a mighty fine landing, if I do say so myself. Had one small bounce, less than 10 inches, but I settled her down nicely, and rolled straight out. No nose overs and it tracked straight down the runway. [8D] I taxied her back right up to us and that is when the elation hit. Man this thing is great. [sm=sunsmiley.gif]

Was up for 5.5 minutes or so, the battery pack was luke warm. I ran out the duration of the pack at half throttle and could have gotten another 2.5 or 3 minutes on the pack. Lipos will be coming, I just have to save my pennies.

I will get some pictures ready and try to successfully get them on here.

Thanks to all those that gave advice and suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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