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Default RE: question about mammoth?.........

Pulled this from somewhere I think: Should help let me know

For the 24.7 use glow plug MC 59 for break in period, then after that run MC9 in the engine it will save you lots of time and easier in the long run

1. Mark with a permanent marker pen all the initial factor needle settings. Use at least good quality 20% nitro fuel. Do NOT use low nitro content fuel. Use the fuel that you will run regularly

2. Mark on the flywheel with a permanent marker pen for the BDC position.

3. Richen the HSN HALF a turn from factory settings. Don't touch the LSN and MSN (if the 8 port has one).

4. Run the engine for the first 2 tanks slowly doing figure 8s on a smooth hard surface (25% throttle max), don't stay in top speed for longer than 1 second. After EVERY tank, let the engine cool down at BDC. Monitor the temperature - it should be running around 80 - 95C and no more, no less.

5. The same thing for the next 2 tanks but at max 50% throttle travel. Don't stay WOT for longer than 1 second. Slowly increase rpm, slowly decrease while driving. After EVERY tank, let the engine cool down at BDC

6. Same again, 2 tanks 75% throttle max. Heat cycle after every tank. Monitor Temp.

7. same again, 2 tanks, 100% throttle. Heat cycle after every tank. Monitor Temp.

8. You can start leaning the engine out, 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time - making sure after each needle change, you run 2 - 3 minutes of hard driving. Normal operating temp should be above 95C and below 120C.

9. Tune the HSN first then, tune the LSN, then retune the HSN to accomodate any changes.

10. Keep leaning the HSN until at WOT you notice the engine is starving for fuel or losing power. You have reached the max - richen 1/4 turn.

11. to tune the LSN, keep leaning it out until you achieve the strongest acceleration.

Don't touch the middle mixture needle (if the 8 port has it). If touched, it will make some very erratic tuning which will be hard to fix later on.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to whoever posted this orginally.

Tweedy Bird
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