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Default (question) all about tuned pipes

i want a new tuned pipe... the thing is, i dont know much about them... all i know is that if they are short, they help top end, and if they are longer, they help low end... its also possble to go too far both ways... i cant find much about the performance difference between these pipes:
[link=]pipe 1[/link]
[link=]pipe 2[/link]
[link=]pipe 3[/link]
does anyone know much about them?

im also considering these:
[link=]ribbed pipe[/link]
[link=]dual stinger[/link]
[link=]CVEC dual stinger[/link]
if you have any tips or advice, then post here...

btw, I have the nitro star s-25 and im replacing the plastic one that comes on the savage 21/25

if you have another question, put it here too, someone else may answer it...
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