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Default RE: Covering material - the good and the not so good

I will probably get smoked too, but I have to add some comments. I think Bax hit the nail on the head. Monokote requires a lot of heat, and I like that. I have a 20 year old Top Flite iron (yeah I know, they are all made in Japan). I never worry about too much heat. I turn it to "3" for sealing edges, all the way up for shrinking.

Over the years, I have used Solarfilm (still have 10 rolls left), Litefilm, Monokote, and recently Ultracote. (Ultracote is great over Monokote for trimming) They are ALL great coverings, each for different applications and preferences. I am surprised when someone says Monokote is inferior, or that the white doesn't shrink, or it shatters or sags with age. I have never experienced any of those problems, nor do I expect to.

An old saying goes "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen". Many of my friends use Ultracote, and love it because of the lower heat. Does that aspect alone make it superior, or others inferior? Companies do appreciate positive feedback about their products, but you better believe they are constantly making their own tests for quality control.

For those who prefer Ultracote, that's good. It's a great product. It must be, or it wouldn't be selling so well. I just don't think Monokote deserves all the bad reviews seen on this forum. If you don't like Monokote, don't use it. But when you criticize a particular product, you are also criticizing those who use it. My advice to newbies, try a roll of each brand, work with them then decide which you prefer.

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