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Default New (old) Concept 30 questions

I just started finishing the concept 30 I bought here on RCUniverse and I need some help.

I had hoped to rely on some of the talent in the area to help me setup/dial-in this, my first, heli.

I've bought 5 Futaba 3003 servos and a new GY240 gyro and installed them... Another thread says that the servos are no good for a heli... Is that true? I have no idea how to setup the gyro... Can I just plug it in? On my Hitec 7 radio, the instructions say to put the rudder servo in channel 4 and the gyro in channel six... how does the gyro control the rudder if I dont use the pass-thru connector (on the gyro)???

Most of the linkages are 90deg (I think)... Too many moving parts!!!

Anyone local to Orange County (SoCalifornia) that could help a relatively poor and not-so-bright R/C destroyer of models...

I've spent too much money on this to kill it with ignorance...
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