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Default RE: Viper 500 questions


If you are just sport flying the plane....... set the CG up at 2.2" back from the leading edge. Set up the elevators so they are comfortable for normal flying, and you will have pleanty of control authority at that same throw (rate) to land the plane.

Btw...... the plane will land at the same speed most sport planes will....sometimes slower. Take some time to learn how to slow it down. Practice at idle at altitude. You will see that the plane is well behaved flying slow, and it will let you 'feel' how the controls react when you approaching stall. Usually the tail will stop flying first, and the nose will drop... just ease off the elevator, and the plane will recover. It is only when flying 'really slow' like this where the extra high-rates come into use sometimes.

You are actually better off switching to that smaller prop now. Let the engine turn up a bit. Always, keep it slightly rich by 500-800 rpm and you will rarely have any problems.
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