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Default RE: Helicopteros en español


The comment above isn't necessary.
....... Bell 222 landing gear on this guys web site: [link=]Handi Homann's Bell 222[/link] Good luck with whatever you decide. Century .........
Adios Amigo
I might be wrong, but if I remember, is this guy the same person that did the video for Century Helicopters showing their Bell 222??.....I think that it is....if you look at the picture for the Loppy or something....the electric plane, you can see his house, and then you look at the video of the Bell 222 at Century's page, and I think that you see the same page......I would get in touch with him (Handi Homann I think his name is) and just ask him myself, but I couldn't find a place to 'contact me' I guess that won't work......

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