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Default RE: Four Star 60 Turtle Deck Sheeting

Secondly another person here indicated that you are working on a 4* 120? I wasn't aware that such a kit existed. How is it to build? How soon till you get it flying?
The 4*120 builds easy....much like the 40 and 60.....just larger. Its rated for a .90-1.20 2 stroke or a 1.20-1.50 4 stroke with a stock wing length of 81". I say stock wing length because I actually shortened the wing one bay on each side, which is about 4-5" per side. It's a common mod and the reason is to cut down on its tendency to really float on final and to increase its roll rate and really wake it up. It doesn't hurt it's slow speed characteristics as it's still a "puppy dog" when you want it to be without any bad tendencies. I also have a Super Tigre G2300 which is a 1.40 2-stroke in it. I actually flew it for the first time this past Saturday and have about 10 flights on it now and it flies great. Very gentle when you want it to be..... and when you want to really "ring it out" it more than complies.

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