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Default RE: Four Star 60 Turtle Deck Sheeting

Just a note, my four star .60 with film covered turtle deck came out 2 ounces tail heavy with both a ST .75 and .90. Just a thought before you add more weight to the tail. I do however have the larger rudder mod that has been recommended on various forums (1 inch additional width and one inch counterbalance on top.) It totally eliminates any tuck under in knife edge. Flew very nice with the ST. 75 and would not have changed from it until I flew my next plane a VectorFlight 58 in (.60 size) Extra 300S with a Super Tigre .90. The unlimited verticle was very nice so I have just changed out the ST .75 to a ST .90. The motors weight the same. Am awaiting recovery from pneumonia before I can fly it.

bob branch
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