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Default RE: AXI-fied Extra 300S E-Conversion!

Well I just put four flights on the Extra. What a great plane! See my previous post regarding my setup. I checked the wattage with a freshly charged LiPo and at full throttle am pulling 580 Watts at half throttle 280. She flies like a rocket a full throttle so most of my flying is at 1/2 throttle. At full throttle it almost unlimited vertical! Because of the size and length of my LiPo's I mounted them as far forward as I could and with that I had to add about 9 oz of lead in the nose. When I say the batteries are far forward I mean it, I cut out a large hole through the firewall where the batteries run through so far forward they almost touch back of the motor. All out weight is about 8 lbs. Still it flies great. Inverted flight requires slight down (just breath on it).
The only "bad" tendency it has (I think it's because of the higher wing loading) is with the recommended elevator throw she wants to snap at full up elevator deflection. I just took some throw out and it’s a little better.
The guys at the field were impressed and one guy offered to buy it as is. He's probably going to build one for himself.

For those who are interested in building the E300S may I suggest using Greg's suggestions with regard to the LiPo's he used and exactly where he placed them. This way you'll keep the weight down.

All in all this is a great flying plane.
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