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Default RE: TF GS P47 Build - yeah another bloody one!!

thanks Kirk, will have to have a look into the wing structure in depth as I will be doing a few mods.

As for the stab I'm not real happy with the standard hinging and placement, I'm actually going to move the hinges to scale locations and I may even insert a brass tube to drive both elevators off a single pivot poit as in the full size. All theories at this stage. One definite thing though is to radius the LE of the elevator and have little extensions of thin play from the TE of the stab, again as per the full size. I think this may help reduce any flutter tendencies.

As for the rudder I am going to use pull - pull cable and will epoxy an alum horn arangement right through the rudder.

Well have run out of glue so SFA to pick out of my fingers this time. Will have to wait till after pay day to get some more - monthly salary payments suck. At least my wife gets paid fortnightly.

No flying today (Sun) as it is bloody windy so the little TA (trade assistant) aka my son is running around into mischief which is all good fun !!

Anyway I'm off like arotten bowl of rice ( ever smelt that?)

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