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Default RE: TF GS P47 Build - yeah another bloody one!!

Hey Doug good points and I have been giving it some thought. I will prob use something along the lines of a power box if I can. As all my flying controls except flap will use digital servos the current drain, especially at 6V will be quite high though no where near as bad as those 3D types (nearly said idiots hehe).

Truth be said the weakest point in the whole system we currently use is the RX bus bar. If you fed everything off a seperate bus then you get rid of a lot of potential probs, oh and the use of paralel batteries using separte switches and min 22 AWG wire helps too.

My battery packs and set up will most likely be of a 3600mAh Sub C NiMH main pack with a 1100mAh AA NiMH backup feeding a little circuit that monitors the main pack voltage and if it drops below a threshold the stby cuts in and sounds an alarm.

Unfortunaly Mr Ohm was correct with E=IR !! gee my Uni lecturer would be impressed I remembered something from 4 years of effort hehehe

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