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Default RE: V7 - It Works (worked!)

Hi all, I realize that this is a little off the subject (sorry Tony).....but I just smashed my LMH into the ground. Just a week or so ago I smashed my Hawk into the ground......ain't I lucky????[:@]
The LMH was flying great.....with a new CSM 180 gyro and about 3.5 oz of added weight (because of the wind). I had just fueled up (my 4th tank)....raised the throttle and up...up....and away. When I reduced throttle nothing just kept climbing. I had cyclic.....yaw....but NO *&#% throttle. I tried to use the cyclic to load the engine but after awhile I hit the ground HARD. I guess that was better than loosing it or crashing into someone. Anyway that gave me a way to compare two hard crashes and the truth of the matter is that the LMH seems to be much cheaper to repair.....$9.05 compared to $62.35 for the Hawk. Both crashes were awful. The LMH crash was caused by a HS81 on throttle sticking (it still won't budge without stripping gears). So if you want to be "hard nosed" about it then add the price of a servo in there.....but the LMH is still far cheaper to repair. The Hawk crash was totally my fault....nothing failed on the machine to cause the crash. As you guys know sometimes when everything is put back together you may find more problems that were crash related.....if I do I will correct the totals for either heli.
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