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Default RE: V7 - It Works (worked!)

Mark I think I goofed when I said it costs the same for either machine to repair. Whet I really meant was the cost of parts is about the same. For example. main shafts,rotor blades,tail booms,these kinds of parts are about the same for each machine however you are right that les parts are neded for the LMH in a crash than are needed for the hawk persay. BUT If you want to tinker before each flight and sometimes all during any flight then the LMH is good for you, BUT if you want to fuel and fly every time you want to fly then the Hawk is your machine, and the crashes will be much less as the engine may never cut out and if it did you could auto rotate down safely in a hawk but NEVER in a LMH. Other wise not much more other than pilot error will cause the hawk or any other bigger heli to come down. 11gallons and the machine has never let me down. Not trying to sell a hawk or unsell an LMH, just my opinion on the 2. Alan
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