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Default RE: V7 - It Works (worked!)

Gee Mark, that's real bad luck. I feel for you - and I can imagine there was some uncontrolled "knee-trembling" when you realised you had no throttle control. Actually, loss of throttle control is a fear that I've had with the LMH right from the start - I think I worry because there's no collective control to counter this occurrence (I even considered tethering my LMH for it's maiden flight - someone called me paranoid, and they were probably right too)

Coincidentally, I replaced the rudder servo on my LMH yesterday, after noticing that it seemed a little "gritty" - yep, there were a couple of teeth missing from one of the gears. Wonder how long it's been in this state! It makes me realise that I'm expecting too much of my LMH's servos. Just because the heli withstands crashes so well doesn't mean I can assume that the servos will survive too. I've made a mental note to be more thorough with my "after-crash-inspections" in future
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