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Default RE: Minicraft Cessna 182 Build and Flight Report

I try and get to the field on a tuesday if I am working a night shift, I fly some powered then I get my glider out! Bob broke his cap this saturday not sure what went wrong, but apparently a local resident was using an RC car on a FM frequency and caused another plane to crash. Not sure if bob suffered the same problem. The scale rally was on today and the turn out was quite good despite the threatening weather. I flew to cessna again today and all was well. The longer strut and steering arm seemed to solve the ground handling problems. I just have to hold a little up elevator on the takeoff run, then when the nose comes up just ease off if and let it climb away nicely. The stall still has the sudden roll to the right but the plane is almost at a stand still when this happens, so its not a big deal. I did have some engine problems today. I'm not sure what was causing the coughing and spluttering but it did give me some nervious moments. Like when I did a slow low level pass and went to throttle on a she coughed for a few seconds as the throttle was advanced. It did regain some power and I climbed away safely. (THANK GOD)!!!!

The model was purchased from www.hstore.com.au

There service is excellent and I believe they do overseas orders as well.

The balance was spot on the mark (3 1/2" behind the leading edge) with the battery pack (6V) mounted under the fuel tank and the two elevator servos mounted just behind the servo tray. I think this spot on as when she rolls inverted very little down elevator is needed to maintain level flight. (not that a cessna is designed to do that) But all in all it is a very stable and fun to fly model.
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