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Default RE: V7 - It Works (worked!)

I DON"T LIKE MICRO SERVOS!!!!! I have had lots of problems with them. Lite Machines offers the metal frame conversion with a standard size servo option.....I wish I had chose that one. Anyway....Alan I wasn't challenging you on your heli opinion.....please don't think that! I was just in a unique position to compare the crash stats between the two helis.....I mean I trashed 2 helis *&^##&*[:@] and was trying to do something constructive with the situation. The Hawk repair may be cheaper than I indicated.....I ordered the crash kit and I may not need the main shaft or fly bar. If that is the case I will report it here. As far as tinkering with my LMH to fly....and I realize that I am in the minority here.....I don't have to.....usually just add the fuel and fly.....that's it. About the Hawk......Tony made and interesting and true point......because of the collective I would have been able to safely land the Hawk in the event of a throttle servo failure at wide open throttle......the result????No crash damage at all. So it's all in the way you look at it. The LMH is a good trainer.....because it requires you to control the heli to keep it steady. When you move to 30 size you will already have mastered a lot of the skill required. It is tough and inexpensive to repair as helis go (of course this is all based on you getting a good one). The Hawk is a great is a more advanced machine and as a result is more complicated. It is tough as well but there is more to break in a crash.
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