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Default RE: V7 - It Works (worked!)

It was really too windy to fly today, but I ran-out of patience, and had a go anyway

It was very promising at first, but after a few minutes hoveing-around the V-7 slowed and lost power, allowing the heli to sink to the ground. I richened it up a little and opened the throttle again. The engine speed increased fine, but the blades remained stationary! Maybe oiling the clutch wasn't such a good idea after all! But why did it work ok at first? I think it's very strange - maybe something in the clutch has "let-go?"

My daughter arrived with our grandson at this time, so there was no time to investigate further. I'll take another look at the heli tomorrow, time permitting

Before the start of this afternoon's flight I had richened the mixture until it was incapable of lift-of - then I leaned it out until it could do. I don't think I could get the heli to lift-off if I were to set the needle any richer at the beginning. But the engine did exactly the same as it did at the start of this post (I think). It seems to lean-out in the air. I have the fuel tank "cushioned" to prevent foaming, and I use an anti-foaming fuel additive too, so I don't think foaming is causing this. But what else could it be?
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