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Default RE: Composite-ARF Extra 330L Conversion

Wow Sean,

What a sweet conversion. With this drive I realize that you are gearing it for thrust. If I were to go with higher turn C50s say 10 or 11XLs, and a 21x14 prop, and lets say 5s or 6s lipos, what do you think that the pitch speed would be?

This conversion is taking shape fast. I looked on the inner demon site, but they don't list the new drive, only the old 32. I guess that I need to place a phone call to ask them about the new one.

This looks like the answer to my power needs in the Top Flite P-51. I am almost ready to order a drive for it, and this is the way I am leaning.

How much maintenance do you think this drive is going to take?

How is your Hanger 9 P-51 holding up?

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