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Default RE: World Models Spit 80" Conversion ??'s

Matt and Greg (and others too!)-

Thanks for your input and advice - I really appreciate it.

Anyone have any idea of the number of parallel cells needed for the Kokam 3200's Greg references? I take it the 90 controller is safe at 10s LiPo from Greg's comment.

I picked the Spit because it had the lowest wingloading of any of the ARF 80" warbirds out on the market. I figured that gave me the most room in the weight budget (by comparison it has pretty much the same sq inches as my Byron Corsair at half the weight). I really want "warbird" kind of performance out of it. While standoff scale, the planform is pretty correct. Good quality materials and construction overall, nervous about ARF retracts, but they seem to be "better than your average (ARF) bear" quality - time will tell.

I've had the kit a couple of months, when I start this winter, I'll post some pics.


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