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Default RE: World Models Spit 80" Conversion ??'s


I agree with Henke. Kokam USA has just started making three versions of the 3.2AH cell where the welded cells in parallel are treated like a single "cell" for balancing. The three versions are 3.2AH, 6.4AH, and 9.6AH. Each cell has a continuous current rating of 64, 128, and 192 amps, respectively.

The "cells" will be available soon in unitized packs from 1 to 6 in series that contain a seperate charge connector with taps to each cell. Also, appropriate cell balancing chargers and modules will be available soon.

The idea is to break your 10s configuration into several smaller packs. My choice is to use a 6s and 4s combination that will allow for my exisiting Astro Flight chargers to work as well as provide a 4s supply to my FMA Power Force regulator. Additionally, the common 4s and 6s packs can be used on many other applications.


Recall that we were flying the Edge 540 at only 1/2 throttle for the entire flight so figure about a 50amp draw. Granted, the cooling was not optimal but why push the ESC when you you just risk a cut-off in flight on a very expensive plane. Perhaps a 50amp current on a 10s voltage with proper cooling would work if you only needed that level for bursts.

For a slightly better ESC, the Hacker Master Controller 77-amp version uses 60v FETs instead of 45v FETs and uses a thicker 12# wire. It's about $50 more than the Jeti 77-amp ESC but will handle more power...closer to the 77amp rating on a 10s voltage.
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