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Default Outlaw Construction

My Uncle lived towards Augusta for a while... Most of the family is still in jail!

With regards to the rudder: On my next Outlaw, (might not be long), I will sister a support on each side of the rudder, just for the sheeting to rest on...

I have just finished the motor mount, prior to sheeting the leading edge.. Lesson for the next plane: fix blind nuts in firewall FIRST... the centerline of the bolts was = to the two #1 Ribs.... Made for some digging!

The Hacker 50 came in today! with a 8-6 graupner cam folding prop, and a 5 degree yoke, it draws close to 44 amps..14000 RPMS! Hopefully will get up over 100 or faster.. (if I make it that far)

Cannot wait to post pics.. It will at least be the 2nd best looking plane on this thread!

Using the Hi-Tec micro servos as well.. we will see how they do...
I am putting the receiver outside the hatch area , just to the inside of a elevon servo.. the other side will have the micro servo for the rudder... This makes plenty of room for the battery.. which is 12 cells, x 2400

pics this weekend..

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