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Default RE: Electric Sig Phazer ideas?

You have to widen your search parameters from "Sig Fazer" to ".40-size profile" or something to that effect. Sig's Fazer is the granddaddy of today's 3D profile models. There are many conversions of similar models on the books.

How much does the box say the Fazer should weigh? Power loading, or "Watts per pound" is the driving factor in an electric conversion. It's basic physics; you need a certain amount of horsepower to move a certain amount of weight against gravity, and aerodynamic drag. The faster you want to go, or the harder you want to accelerate, the more power you need. Glow power is just "crowbar in the biggest engine that will fit" because engines are fairly light and inexpensive. You could do the same thing with electric, but you have weight and cost considerations to deal with.
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