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Well !! that is a choice you have to make, BUt I will tell you a Motor Max 400T at rclightflights works well in the AB ( remember some of my original brushless videos) and it costs $50, then if you couple that with the cheap ESC from balsa products $40, you have motor and controller for the cost of just the motor. this setup with a 9X6 folding prop on a 2 cell lipo pull about 14 oz thrust @ 8.9 amps, more than enough to get the AB up there

If you really want to go insane get a HiMax 2025 5300 (80$) with a C/C Phoenix 25 ($75) and a 2.600 2 cell pack with a 14X4 prop this has 52 oz thrust, heck at that power, you don't even need wings.

But I would suggest you stick with what you have or go for the 400T (a direct replacement for the current AB motor), and save the crazy stuff for next year.

Hope it helps
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