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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club

A few words of positive reinforcement, from a silence Bradius flyer, the club is a good idea.. I have been following the "Bradius Thread" since finding it last Oct. I started with a FireBird Outlaw. After months of heavy abuse, It needed to be replace. Notice a cheap " Bradius " on e-bay and took a chance. Fell in love. Got courious as to what I had, did a goggle search, not a thing, except for the thread. Y'all increased my learning curve to a 45 degree slope....I suspect there is a " sh@#-pot-load of Bradius flyers like me, drop in, read, laugh, leave. For all of them, Thank you guys. I am not as hardcore as y'all, fly for the shear joy of it. I keep it in my pick-up. Fly at dawn and dusk, where ever I find a field and light winds..Not much into modifing yet, but clearly going that way.
A lot of the "talk" gets by me... Just tonight, I figure out that "LHS" meant local hobby store. I will leave you with one good story.
I am not known for my self-control...I was flying the Firebird, after the sun had set...depth perception is a real issue then...Yes, few right into a tree, at least 50 ft up. It was dark long before I could figure out how to get to it. A Nor'Easter hit that night...two days later when I went to look, gone. Two hours in heavy bries and brambles, scratched, bleeding, not a hint of the plane. Sad. Two weeks later, my youngest son was coon hunting in the same woods. You guessed it,, he brought it home. Charged the batteries, it flew..not as well but, it flew..Moral to this story..Dawn, sunlight inceaseing, Dusk, it's decreasing...And know a Coon Hunter, they mess in trees.
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