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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club

Hey Guys,

Will you guys shut up for one minute so I can catch up? I can't read that fast

Yes Brent, I was kinda hard on you, but you deserved it You are now becoming my mentour

RayRay, good news about the Omei, I thought he was going to say Capt. Randy WHO?

My equipment should be here today.

Oh Yea, I went flying all morning at my club field with Ol Badius. What a great morning it was, mid 70's to low 80's slight breeze and a freshly cut and rolled runway. The smell of fresh cut grass in January is great[8D]

First flight was a bit short, only ten minutes. I couldn't seem to get up high enough to catch a thermal. Landing although NOT on video was perfect

Second flight about an hour later was much better, only two guys left at the field. She took of great and climbed almost out of sight in minutes. I cut the throttle after only a couple of minutes and she just keep going up, even into the wind of maybe 10knots now.

I walked back to the pits and grabed a chair to recline in, as my neck was killing me. I stayed up with the birds for over 30 minutes with power off and finally had to bring her down with a 3/4 full battery as my neck hurt.

What anohter non videoed landing and yes it was perfect again, sorry, and I'm modest too

Brent, you are right I need one of those Corsairs, but first I have to finish the Omei, Sabre and then the Cub.

That's all for now, it sure was fun to fly again.

Welcome all the newbies from Sunny warm Florida[8D]
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