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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club


I have to admit, I cam close to loosing her on the first flight. The wind was directly across the runway and I had to fly her right at me to come in crosswise to be into the wind. I don't like landing straight with a cross wind, chicken s_hit.

Well I did get to far away and too low and down wind, when I realized this was going to be tough to get her back to the nicely cut grass. Were she was was swamp with alligators it in.

I was only maybe 50 ft high but far out and the battery was low. pointing into the wind was hard and it seemed the only way I could keep her coming at me was to dive. How much can you dive when you are only 50 ft high. By the time I cleared the swamp and was over the runway I was about 6 ft high and I was sweating bullets. Howly cow! I almost lost it, saved again. I guess we really never learn all the lessons.

It always sounds better the second time around.
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