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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club

Hi All,
Rained last night so no Badius notes but I did fly the heli in the neighbors front yard.
Got her up 5 or 6 feet. Didn't actually hover but I kept her in a smallish area. I did find out what "Darned tree" meant. I started to go right towrds the plane magnet. I didn't know heli's were drawn to them also. I know now. I did a nose dive into a 1 foot wide walkway. Good thing I didn't hit that soft grass or I wouldn't have broken the landing skids. I used some palstic cement to do a repair job on them and man oh man. Just like the old days when glue was atractive. I would have written the post earlier but I had to wait for wifey to get home so she could use some nail polish remover to get the tube off my nose. Accidently got it too close. Coulda happened to anyone. Nail polish remover smells good too and it doesn't stick to your nose. Yum.
Back after my nap.
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