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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club

Hi everyone, where ever you are! I spent all day yesterday getting my brushless slowstick out of a tree. Only to save the stuff. The plane was expendable, and good thing, too. All parts alive and well! Poor SS.[] Just a "not paying attention" thing on my part. I even used a bow and arrow in the salvage attempt. Was too high for the heavy string I was trying to toss up. It would get within one foot of the limb and fall. Before I went after upholstery thread to use to bring up the heavier nylon string, we tried a different approach and finally succeeded in ripping the thing out in pieces with the 60 ft pole of pvc we had been using. I found and added a 15 ft piece of aluminum CB ant. ground plane as the last part of the pole and added several hooks. WORKED! I salvaged $160.00 worth of parts!

Now I am VERY sore and I didn't do my back ANY good! I owe "little" brother big time!
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