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Default RE: The Badius Owners Club

Hi All,
Flew heli, crashed heli. Doens't this get a bit old? If my ole pal Glassman was here it wouldn't have happened. I was in the neighbors front yard, minding my own beeswax when a small gust catches the heli. Sucker goes across the street and into a tiny pole. I couldn't hit it again if I tried. So, after mosying on over I see I broke the main and tail rotor blades and a servo control arm. Darn it Glassman! Get over here.[:@] I'll feed ya. Rent free. You can drive the black car while you're here. Ok, I'll wash it.
That was yesterdays news. This morning I fix the heli and decide I might need a little more space. I don't want to fly in the farm and get farm dirt all over the heli so I go to a local restaurant and fly in the lot. I'm trying to learn to land this time out. I get the heli up to a comfy 5 feet and bring her down. I repeat this a few times, adjust the gyro and try some more. Yikes! and Gadzooks! This parking lot is right next to the freeway and the heli takes off for it. I stop the forward progress and try to bring her back to the middle of the lot. Dumb thumbs takes over control of the tx. Then...Hazy shows up. Dumb thumbs and Hazy get into it and the heli does an endo on the asphalt. Broke the last tail rotor set.
Off to parts land while Hazy sits on the sofa.
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