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Default RE: For those who love World War Two Fighters

Dear Flak
Please do ramble on, I love to here stories like the one you have just told us about your Aunt Patsy. We owe people like your Aunt a tremendous debt of gratitude, they were prepared to give everything to bring peace and freedom to the world. I agree with every word you have written
in your above post.

Every action during WW2 was heroic in my opinion, but the Doolittle raid does stand out some what.
B25's taking off from a carrier deck, it's not on! I am sure also, the crews knew what to expect from the Japs
if they were shot down. Unfortunately some of them were, and we all know what the out come of that was.
Below are some pics of the B25's taking off on the Doolittle raid.

Flak, is there any chance you could buy the digital camera today as we would all love to see those Warbirds of yours. Pretty please.

Regards Phil G.
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