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Default What's more important to get first? Gyro/Governer/Radio/Servos

Get the tail under control first. Either learn how to set-up your revo mixes or go get a gy401/9253 combo. There are ways to set-up the old gyros to work well (like overdriving) but in the end you would really need a radio with lots of mixing capabilites. In either case you still need a fast rudder servo to get the most out them though.

Forget the GV-1 for now. It'd be better if you learn how to set-up a pitch and throttle curve. If the .50 is too much at full throttle back the curve off. There is no law that says your throttle HAS to be at 100% on your top curve point. There is no substitute for experience. Both of my .50 size 3D beaters do not have govenors. I only broke down and bought some for my FAI ships because at that point I knew they would only compliment what I already knew and the advantage gained would help me in competition. If your worried about head speed during 3D manuvers, get a radio that will let you mix a cyclic-to-throttle function. Also, work on not slamming the cyclic sticks. Learn to use only enough to get the manuver done and use the collective a little more. You CAN learn to fly without a govenor.

After the gyro, go for the servo upgrade or better yet, get the servo and radio together. Besides, to get the most functionality out of the govenor you need a 8 channel radio. Channels 7 and 8 let you toggle the govenor on and off and let you control different head speeds. There are ways to around this but you lose total control.

Somewhere during all this you'll need good blades as well.

Once you have a good gyro, good servos, good radio, and good blades, then go for the govenor if you really feel you need it.

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