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Default What's more important to get first? Gyro/Governer/Radio/Servos


Optech has some great comments...

My advice:

You don't need a governor. You need to find someone to help you setup your throttle curves, and engine mixture properly. A governor is an added element of complexity, and expense. If you don't have the engine mixture set up just right, the governor will not function properly. Save the $$ for a new radio/tx.

Digital servos are nice, but not necessary. I would abandon using the 8411 from listening to all of the recent servo failures.

The 401/9253 is one of the best tail control systems available. If you can afford it, go for it!

A capable transmitter can make a big improvement!

I run my Raptor 50 with the TT 50 engine, TT muffler, Airtronics Stylus tx, Airtronics 777 rx, CSM 360 gyro, JR 4131's on cyclic, JR 4721 on collective, Futaba 9301 on the tail, and Futaba 148 bb on the throttle. The airframe is stock, except for Funkey fiberglass 600mm blades, KSJ paddles, remote glow, and a header tank.
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