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Default FG foam front bumper part 8420


[n00b mode ON]

ARGH!! [&o] I have just mounted, or at least I'm trying to, mount this foam bumper onto my newly purchased Sportsline FG touringcar.

However it seems to puzzle me (yes you may laugh) []

The foam bumper is bought as a kit (part 8420) so all mounting hardware should be included.

I have 4 short plastic posts and 2 longer ones. The long ones have a hole in the top, so clearly this is the ones for the body clips...
But which goes where. I'm trying to make it fit (have cut it) to my Ferrari 360 body.

Also it seems that there is some additional screws in the bag ??? Or is averyone supposed to be used.

If someone could explain it or have a picture.... I would appreciate it very much.

[n00b mode OFF]

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