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Default RE: 4-stroke to 2-stroke....

There is no way that a 30 = 50, 40 = 70, and 90 = 180? No way. More like:
four stroke Two stroke
50 46
70 62
90 75
120 90

I know you said 90 = 120-180. The 120 is the only part of that post that I'll buy. the 180 is perposterous. Of course, it all depends upon whether or not the two stroke is ball bearing, bushing, OS, GMS, or whatever. They all act a little differently. I think you'd find my chart above to be pretty close. These are basic prop comparison numbers. You'll never get a four stroke to run as fast as a two stroke--there is no practical conversion for that. So, if it's speed you're after, better go two stroke. I have a .56 four stroke that will swing a 12 X 6 prop with ease. My .46 two stroke won't even touch a 12 X 6 prop. However, proped with an 11 X 6 prop, the .46 will out run the .56 all day long.
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