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Default RE: 4-stroke to 2-stroke....

ORIGINAL: cantw8tofly

i have a os 52 fs surpass turning a 13x6 master airscrew on my 4 star .60. this thing screems i had an os max .61 2 stroke on it and it was too slow... i mounted the four stroke on it after i saw it fly a heavy spad that a freind built. at this time i would not change a thing......
i am a noob so i dont have much experiance with that many engines but there is no way my .52 four stroke has the power of no .30 2 stroke... it dosnt rev like the 2 stroke did but it will pull that four star straight up way faster that the .61 did

just my 2 cents

If you really want that 4*60 to pull, change out the 52 for the OS91 with a 15X6 APC. I have that setup on mine and OMG. Really strong and not overpowered and I can stay up for 25 minutes running around at half throttle, 30 minutes if I sit and do touch and goes for the whole tank (been there, done that, have the deadsticks to prove it)
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