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Default RE: I'm a Flyer not a builder

You're right this repair isn't bad at all.

1. The horizontal crack in the rib looks clean you can move the rib back into position and glue with thin CA, then add a small piece of sheeting to the inside of the rib to strengthen it.

2. Removed the forward portion of the damaged rib, cut the rib out just in front of the spar ( the begining of the hole ) Then sand the bottom sheeting and the cut you made to make them smooth. ( little hardwood sanding sticks work well for this. ) Then you need to remake the rib, copy from plans, trace around a rib on the wing finsih sand till it matches the other rib. Then glue in place and add another little bit of sheeting on the inside of the crack to reinforce.

3. Use a straight edge and exacto knife to make the hole in the sheeting square. then remove the excess sheeting and balsa wood from the spar. Cut small pieces of balsa sheeting and glue under the existing sheeting, leaving a 1/4" or so sticking out. ( this gives somehting for the new sheeting to be glued to. ) Do this to the three other edges. Finsih with one piece of sheeting large enough to fill the hole. Glue in place a little more sanding, and maybe wood filler and recover.
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