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Default RE: jr transmitter

ORIGINAL: JohnBuckner


it does have an antenne. i recently asked a "jr" man, who is supposed to be well versed in radios, and is in fact sponsored by jr, the same question. here is his answer. " jr center tunes their radios, so you can pick any channel you want.

More disservice and inaccruate information. That statment applies To Rx's and Rx's only and in that regard he is correct. However this does not apply to your situation. Its a fact in the US it is aginst federal regulations to be randomly swapping Tx crystals in a non module type or synthsized Tx. Even if your swap works to your satisfaction The real danger is our free and unlisenced use of the band. There are 'Primary users' interspersed between most of the 72 Mhz band hobby channels. We are classified as 'Secondary Users'. If we interfere with these Primary users then we as secondary users must cease and desist. These industrial channels are located All over the US and there is no 'middle of no where' in regards the RF spectrum.

just because it's against FCC regulations to swap crystals doesn't mean that JR radios aren't center tuned to use any 72mhz crystal. it's not that hard to accomplish and most likely the distributor just grabs a crystal and plugs it in depending on what the customer ordered.

i know for a fact that the 72 mhz FMA RF modules i use are tuned only for hi/low band and NOT FOR ANY SPECIFIC CHANNEL. module with "A" on it covers 11-33 and "B" covers 34-60. the crystal for the channel you want comes in a separate package.

i have also seen radios sent in for a "factory authorized crystal change and retune" come back with absolutely no evidence that any of the RF coils were touched.

and there are plenty of other countries out there that also have industrial equipment on 72mhz and could care less about crystal swapping hobbyists

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