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Default RE: Different batteries for the F-27 Stryker

I've got several "stock" 900ma 7 cell packs and have compared them to the two for $20 1100ma 7 cell packs. The 1100ma packs win hands down. More power/speed/run time. When you first buy these packs (or any pack for that matter) charge them at around 100ma which is going to take like 10 or 11 hourse until they peak. After that you can charge them at .9 amps for a "fast" and normal charge in the field. The company recommends .9 amps as a normal charge and anything higher can cause harm over time. Really, even though the Parkzone charge goes up to 1.2 amps the 900ma stock pack should only be charged at .9 amps. It's better for the life and performance of the pack. After that, every 20 or 30 charges or so drain the pack down and do another 100ma slow charge. Remember too that Nihms get better after 5 or 10 charges so that might be why you didn't see a performance increase in the packs. Either that or you used a junk charger like the stock ones which could have false peaked them. Anybody want to get the most performance out of their packs should buy a good charger. I recommend the Pirahna Digital Peak charger for around $50. It will make your packs rock.
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