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Default RE: Different batteries for the F-27 Stryker

Battery Mah or AH ratings are based on variables that include the ability to deliver an amount of current over a specified period of time. I am using the 2/3A cells as an example, but all cells share similar characteristics. One manufacturer may indicate their 1100 mah cell are 1 hour rated (1100 mah output for one hour) Another manufacturer may base the rating on multiple hours of output (550mah at two hours=1100 mah). A brand X 1100 mah 2/3A battery may only deliver at maximum load 5 or 6 amps. A Kahn 1050 2/3A will deliver as much as 3 times that amperage. The GP 1100 cells are capable of up to 30 amps. For electric R/C aircraft the one hour rate is the key to the batteries ability.

There are some good to very good brand X battery cells and assembled packs available with careful shopping. Searching this forum, rcbatteryclinics.com and rcgroups.com will provide quite a bit of information. Unfortunately, most retail sites do not list the formula for determining the cell rate. Radical R/C, MaxAmps, cheapbatterypacks.com and some of the other online companies do list the information for some of the cells to help in the choice.

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