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Default RE: Airtronics / Sanwa MX3 FM 3 CH Radio Swap Program

ORIGINAL: poor judgement

thats some good news!

anyone priced up the shipping yet?

and is there any difference in the frequencies used in the US compared to the UK?

if theres no issues there then my radio is going over too.

many thanks for listening CenRacing.
Shipping my old radio systen from Denmark to the States was DKK 108 equal 10 Pounds Sterling.
I hope return is abt the same...
I have made remarks to CEN to ship 27 or 40 mhz system which is legal bands for r/c cars in Denmark.
Also I have asked them to mark package "replacement goods - exempt from duty and vat" - owise I will be paying 30-40 pct tax here in Denmark when my SANWA arrives.
So can only hope my wishes will be fullfilled.
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