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Default RE: Airtronics / Sanwa MX3 FM 3 CH Radio Swap Program

Hey guys,

First off, thanks to everyone for the group effort on troubleshooting the radio issues on here. We really appreciate your efforts and its clearly creating a positive situation.

With regards to the Servo/batt leads not fitting into the receiver benifur was correct. They shouldn't fit. When we put them into the trucks here at the U.S. office we give them a thorough shaving (something that is done quite often in place of replacing the actual plugs). It was an oversight on our part not to mention this necessity, but its done so frequently and without hesitation in the racing world that we failed to think of mentioning it, and for that I apologize. I'm glad that everything is working out for all of you (for the time being) with the swaps and I'll be here to answer any questions you may have regarding how they function. Thank you for your continued support guys/gals.

*Please, to anyone that is about to or has recently radio swapped remember, you must shave the edges of the servo/batt plugs to make them fit. Forcing them could damage them so please take time to take off enough material that they go in with just a good push. (They also may sit at a bit of an angle. Do not be alarmed, they'll be fine)

Best Regards,
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