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Default RE: Airtronics / Sanwa MX3 FM 3 CH Radio Swap Program

It's not just me. None of the hobby shops here will have anything to do with CEN. If you think I've had bad things to say about them you should hear the HOROR storys they tell me. The one store Cen claims is the local distributor. Has no idea where they got that he want's nothing to do with them wont even try to order me part because of past experiance's with them (all bad). He thinks they just picked his shop out of the phone book with out his permision and he's not happy about it..
SORRY all you cen lovers, but my Genesis is the shelf queen. I found a source for part's but only stock (online) The hobby shops here WILL NOT EVEN ORDER PARTS FROM CEN. So what does that tell you? I have had ever nut and bolt out of the thing and there isn't enough room in here to list the thing's that where put together WRONG. shims missing or in the wrong spot, 3rd gear was crank down so thight that one of the springs was crushed. That was out of the box. Like I said before ,RTR for CEN means ready to repair. I have never thought it was rite that you have to sill a engine up before you ever even try to start it but I do it just to be sure. But to have to rebuild the whole truck GIVE ME A BREAK that ain't rite. I have 5 nito MT, 2 buggies, 4 ele. MTs and 2 airplanes none of these where as big a pain as the Genesis. And I'm building a rockcrawler from scratch (no kit). I'm a machinist, 50yr's old so I've been around the block a few time I'm not a idiot. If I am I get paid pretty well for it. There is nothing mechanical I can't fix.
Did you read the post about what Ken Wo said about us white boys here in the U.S.A. maybe it's a lie but it sure hit hard. It was only here for a day then Cen deleted it and really had no reply. Something very wrong is going on in the company.
SO I'm out of here. If you want to give me s**t you'll have to PM me. jezzzzzz it took cen over a month to respond to my post. Yes sir they are on the ball. LMFAO!!!!!
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