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Default Its a sad time for me...

Hi all,
Darrens update: Let me get straight to the point...

I have sold my Monster Beetle on ebay. So i am with out a large scale for the time being and maybe for a long while.

I am not sure if i want to get back into largescale again

For some of you this news will be shocking, but i have to sort somethings out in my life first before i doing anything like this again. Because i have wasted quite about of money on this hobby what with buying a Marder Race and only having it for 6 months, then selling it, then to buy a MB and keep that for 4 months then having to sell it.

This can't be right nor finacially good for me.

My "custom title" says it all Not Enough Money, Too Much Time

Guys, i will not forget all the help / commets and great advice you have given me other the past 2 ish years. Thanks.

Peace to all
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