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Default RE: Its a sad time for me...

Actually i have quit Uni now, Long story. I know what i want and don't want in life. This has been a hard decission for me to make. One of my mums friends that she has spoken to said that i have guts doing what i have done.

ORIGINAL: kengentry5000

I had to wait until I was 38 (11 years after finishing my degree) to afford to get into this hobby. You have to put your degree first so you will have the financial capacity to live the rest of your life and get back into RC when you get the rest sorted out.

BTW - Now that RC won't be distracting you, you better be a freaking honor student!

Good Luck,
I got £460 for the car + £25 for P&P (actually it was £26.50) whats £1.50?!
I got quite a few inttrests in it.
I had orignally put it on for £500, then droped it to £475, then £460 buy it now. and someone did.

I hear ya - how did you do on e-bay? Did you get what you wanted? I am getting ready to sell my FG Monster Beetle also. Not enough time.

I was more said to see my Marder Race go, than I was to see the MB go. I not sure what that means.

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