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Default Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

Hey all, been searching the net for some free foam build plans for my first attempt at one. I was hoping to find a plan using the 540 motor and Sub Cs that struck my fancy. In the process, I wanted to find a first build that would be easy and simple for slow learners like me. [8D] Think I found one at this link...


This plane looks somewhat like a P38 to me and could probably be made to really look like one with some minor cosmetic changes. It's a dual boom pusher prop design using EPS foam that can be bought cheap and easy at Home Depot or Lowes. The guy even goes into detail for first timers like me on working with the foam. This 3 foot wingspan bird uses a 400 motor and an 8 cell pack. I'll probably build one at these dimensions using a BP21 brushless motor and 2000ma 3 cell lipo. I'd also like to scale up the size of it to use a 540 brushed motor and 6 or 7 cell Sub C battery packs. If anybody can tell me a formula to increase the size of the plans to handle this extra weight that'd be great.
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