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Default RE: which scooby body??

I take on board what you said about the difference in scoob 2004 shells. and I know what you mean about the rear wing falling off...the same thing happens on my Focus shell.


I have both (also a scoob nut!) but it depends what kind of racing you going to be doing!

If you going to use the car for bashing around and racing then I suggest getting the racing impreza cause the injection moulded plastic wing is a lot more durable. I think all of HPI's bodies should come with injection moulded wings. It has alot more down force effect as well...also looks the part. The body has a body kit on it to make it look like a tuned up street car.

The WRC version looks cool but after a couple of tumbles the wing falls off and it's a pain to keep sticking it back![:@]

My scoob cents worth!
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