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Default RE: Getting covering to stick

ORIGINAL: njrcflyer ". . . . is coming apart at the seams. . . . seams open again after a short time. . . "
My guess is that the material to which you originally applied the covering, presumably wood, has become contaminated. There are one or two good threads here on RCU that deal with removing fuel residue and other contaminants but I can't recall the threads' names (sorry). You might try that in order to get the glue to stick again. But you'll still have to deal with whatever contaminants are on the underside of the MonoKote, possibly damaging the remaining glue.

I had the same problem with an ancient 80" Citabria. I eventually cut away the effected MonoKote, and spent a week or so cleaning the balsa (that's why I know about the RCU threads) underneath. After I got it thoroughly cleaned, I laid down new MonoKote and it worked great. It was a good winter project.

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