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Default My landing gear is behind the CG...Help!

Hello All,
I am building an airplane somebody gave me. It was just a fiberglass shell fuselage and a foam core, balsa coated wing when I got it. Since then, I have installed a servo tray inside, and mounted all the servos, minus the ones in the wings. My problem is different than what I have encountered in the past though. The wings had rails already installed for wire gear. So, when I put gear in the supplied openings, the airplane will not sit on the tail wheel. To add insult to injury, it is balanced right now at around 25-30% mac, so it does not need to be any more tail heavy, at least until after the first flight.

So, here is my question: What should I move; the CG or the gear? Or, should I add more weight to the tail to get it to sit on its tail wheel? I am kind of mistified here. I have built a lot of airplanes but seldom from other people. I usually build them from scratch and I take care of all of this when I am building. Therefore, this is the first time anything like this has been facing me on the building board.

As far as what equipment I have in the airplane, I have an old Super Tigre .91 up front (that is kind of heavy, but the airplane is about 90 size from what I can calculate. The configuration of the plane lends me to believe it is a pattern plane, but there are no indications of it anywhere.

Can someone please help me muddle through this? I am hoping I can rely on you all and your exerience to figure this out for me. Meanwhile, it will sit on the bench until further notice. If it would help anyone, I could post a picture of it on here for your examination. Thanks in advance for your help.

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