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Default RE: My landing gear is behind the CG...Help!

ORIGINAL: no1speshal

I will have to try to rake the gear forward. I did not think it was a tricycle config gear assembly because it was a solid epoxy and fiberglass shell, from the nose to the tail section. The only cut outs were on the underside where the wing and fuel tank go and a small opening for an engine on the side. There was a motor mount epoxied in place too, on its side. So, since there were no gear points in the front, I made it a tail dragger. It did have a nice flat spot in the tail to accomodate a tail wheel, so I concluded that was what it was set up for.

Thanks for the suggestions though. Are there any other things I can do? As it is, it will never taxi. So, I will have to do something prior to flight. As far as the gear rake is concerned, the gear rail that I was telling you about, that is right at about 5 inches aft of the leading edge. The wing chord is 13 inches. Needless to say, that will be a hell of a rake! Is there anything else I should consider before I do that?

Thank you all so far for the comments and ideas though. I really appreciate your help.


Just install a nose gear and you will be good to go! If the main gear is 5” back it is setup for trike gear. Shouldn’t be a big problem to do and will be worth while.

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